District grants help to extend the ability of our clubs
in Doing Good in their Communities.


Rotary Foundation District Grants are block grants designed to support smaller dollar amount local and international projects.   District grants offer the flexibility to respond quickly to immediate needs or to plan pro¬jects with clubs locally or in other countries.  These grants can be used for a wide variety of activities as outlined in the FVP.  For international projects, Clubs are encouraged but not required to partner with a local Host District/Club. Furthermore Clubs may be required to provide additional documentation and have greater financial management responsibilities for District Grant – International Projects, at the discretion of the District TRF Chair.

District Grant Application Forms will be posted on the district website. Dates to remember are:
   • For each program year that a club is applying for a District Grant, clubs will be    required to attend (prior to March 1) a designated District Rotary Foundation Training Seminar to be eligible for access to District Grants.
   • Program year applications for District Grants are due April 1 each year for the forthcoming program year.

The applications for District Grants will be reviewed by the District Grant Committee.  Upon successful review, the District Grants Committee will submit recommendations for approval to the program year District Governor (DG) and District Rotary Foundation Chair (DRFC) for final submission to TRF.

Successful applicants will be notified in June if their grant(s) were included in District Block Grant request.   Subject to Rotary Foundation approval of the District Block Grant requested, district grant funds will be sent to sponsoring club after the project has been completed and the Final Report is submitted.


Part 1

You will complete the project details, application, budget items and identify contacts and signatories.

Part 2

The 2 club officers will need to log in separately and electronically sign the grant request

Next Steps

Your Assistant Governor will do a preliminary review of the grant request to insure all necessary information is provided. If incomplete the AG will email you with the necessary steps you will need to take to submit a valid grant request. All complete grant requests will then be reviewed by the District Grant Committee. The committee will mark the grant request as either approved or not and electronically sign the grant requests. At that time the Club will then be notified.

Part 3

When your project is completed you are required to submit a Final report. The Final report will include any details and outcomes. It will also contain a recap of all expenses, receipts, and supporting photos. For those projects that are not completed within the Rotary year, an interim report will also be required.

Final Steps

After reviewing a final report by the grant district chair, the chair will close the project. When the project close is generated, all the approval signatures will appear on the report.


Application shall include a statement of the terms and conditions for the District Grant and an approximate project schedule. 

A club receiving a District Grant will be required to submit Final Report (complete with all required documentation) prior to the end of the program year. 

Clubs that do not meet this deadline must agree to reimburse the District for the grant amount unless an extension has been approved by the DRFC and DG.

A club will not receive their District Grant Allocation unless the club is current on their reporting for both any and all outstanding District and Global grants (either progress or final reports).

A club cannot have more than 2 (prior years) open District Grants before receiving a new grant(s).


• Adherence to the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants
• Qualification of proposing club by the District
• Number of cooperating clubs that are qualified by the district
• History of per member average giving to the Annual Programs Fund and the Foundation by proposing club.
• Number of clubs supporting the grant request including Rotaract and Interact clubs.
• Impact on the community.
• Proportion of Club and outside funds that will be contributed to the project in relation to the amount of District Designated Funds requested.
• Extent of support by non-Rotary cooperating partners
• Promotion of Rotary awareness locally


• Minimum local project size is $1000.
• District Grants – Minimum Grant size is $500 DDF and maximum Grant size is $2,000 DDF to any one program year District Grant.
• District Grants – Clubs may apply for multiple District Grants not to exceed $2,000 in total.
• District Grants may be for local or international projects.
• District will match no more than the club contribution amount.
• Clubs must be compliant on Rotary International dues, District 6690 dues and all financial obligations.
• Clubs must be current on all Grant reports.
• For each program year that a club is applying for a District Grant, clubs will be required to attend (prior to March 1) a designated District Rotary Foundation Training Seminar to be eligible for access to District Grants.
• Expected completion date must be reported.
• Failure to provide the proper documentation as outlined within the TRF Future Vision Plan and these Policies and Procedures Supplement can result in a Club being required to return the Grant Award received back to the District and be disqualified in the next program year for receiving a Grant.
• All proposals, applications, reports, receipts and other documentation to be submitted using district provided forms in electronic format for storage by the district, preferably in PDF format.
• Final report is due to District Grant Chair within 30 days of the date that the project is completed, using the forms prescribed by District 6690.  Receipts must be presented with the Final Report for all expenditures.  Total value of receipts submitted must be equal to or greater than the sum of the Grant Award and Club Contribution amounts. 
• An Interim report will be required if the projected expected completion date is beyond the original expected completion date that was approved.


Bill Corbett
District Grant Chair

Eriech Horvath
District Grant Support


Upcoming Due Dates

April 1, 2018

Last day for clubs to submit their 2018-19 District Grant On-Line Application or at least a proposal.
Use Part 1 and Part 2 of the Instructions

May, 2018

District Grant Committee to review Applications/Proposals for approval.

June 1, 2018

Last day for club to submit their final 2018-19 application for approved proposal.

June 30, 2018

Last day for club to submit their Final Report for 2017-18 district grants.  Remember that your Final Report is actually due 30 after completion of your project.  No grant money will be distributed for your 2018-19 grants until your 2017-18 Final Report is complete and accepted by the Grant Committee.  Use Part 3 of the Instructions

DACdb Grant Module


Part 1  CLUB SUBMITTAL PROCESS use for your 2018-19 Grant Application

Part 2  CLUB APPROVAL PROCESS use for your 2018-19 Grant Application

Part 3  CLUB FINAL REPORT PROCESS use to close your outstanding Grant projects