Presidents-Elect (Presidents 2020-21)

 Bentz, David
 Carroll, Anita
 Cathers, Ellen M
 Chamberlain, Robert A.
 Chapman, Alvin D. Jr.
 Creighton, Jessica
 Cubberly, Scott
 Cunningham, Cynthia
 Davis, Jay
 Dolen, Heather M
 Epling, Aaron
 Erickson, John
 Fair, Charles R.
 Gauerke, Christy
 Hamilton, Corey
 Harless, Kimberly A.
 Hedges, Daneka
 Hines, Jay
 Jackson, Tim
 Johnson, Debbie
 Kershner, John
 Kinnard, Kristin Jillori
 Klein, Margy
 Linnabary, Robert
 Long, Amy
 MacLaren, Jacqueline Ferris
 Mark, Sheila
 McGhee, Andrew
 Moody, Christa
 Moore, Valerie
 Mumma, Steven Dan
 Napolitano, Nancy
 Newhouse, Delbert Wesley II
 Newman, Brenda
 Nusbaum, Dustin
 Parker, Denise Mill
 Parnell, Larry Thomas
 Patrick, Deanna
 Platt, Richard J
 Pritchett, Adam J
 Rader, Steve
 Rauch, Bob
 Reeb, Trudy M.
 Salyer, Abie H
 Shantz, Bill
 Shoar-Ghaffari, Laddan
 Smith, Ronald (Rick) Coe III
 Steele, Richard P.
 Stowers, Angela
 Strasburg, Thomas
 Strickland, Dave
 Thompson, Melinda K.
 Will, James P
 Willeck, Dennis
 Wilson, Steve D
 Wolford, Gwen H.
 Zerby, Bob
Holger Knaak
Rotary International President 2020-21


Presidential Citation 20-21

Rotary’s Constitutional Documents

The Rotary International constitutional documents provide club and districts the foundation for RI’s policies and procedures.

  • Constitution of Rotary International (PDF)
  • Bylaws of Rotary International (PDF)
  • Standard Rotary Club Constitution (PDF) (Word)

All clubs admitted to Rotary membership must adopt this constitution.

  • Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws (PDF) (Word)

Clubs can tailor these bylaws, as long as their changes align with Rotary’s constitutional documents and the Rotary Code of Policies.

2019 COL Report of Action

The Manual of Procedure offers a concise version of Rotary’s policies and procedures. The manual is geared to Rotary club and district leaders and features information that’s most relevant to their roles. It is published every three years to reflect adopted legislation and decisions of the RI conventions, the Council on Legislation, the Rotary International Board of Directors, and the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation.

District Governor Visits

JSON Local Club Events