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Global Grants

Rotary Foundation Global Grants support larger, in¬ternational projects with sustainable, measurable, high-impact out¬comes in one of seven areas of focus that correspond to the Foundation’s mission. 

  • Peace and conflict resolution/prevention
  • Disease prevention/treatment
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Education and basic literacy
  • Economic and community development
  • Protecting the environment

Clubs and districts can either create their own Global Grant Projects in the areas of focus or sponsor Packaged Global Grants developed by The Rotary Foundation in co¬operation with its strategic partners.

Global grants that are developed by clubs and dis¬tricts will receive a match from the Foundation’s World Fund. These grants can also be used to sponsor scholars or vocational training teams.  Districts may not sponsor global grant projects with non-Qualified districts and with non-Qualified clubs.  Global Grants have a minimum World Fund award of US$15,000 and maximum of US$200,000,

The “packaged” global grants will include strategic partnerships with organizations that have expertise in the 6 areas of focus.  For example, a packaged grant project to provide several neighboring villages with access to clean water might be developed by The Rotary Foundation in conjunc¬tion with a nongovernmental organization that addresses clean water issues, which would provide technical exper¬tise or financial support.


Proposals and applications are accepted by the Rotary Foundation only through the on-line web portal on a rolling basis throughout the year.  It is strongly suggested that clubs consult with the District Grants Committee throughout the process to help insure the project meets the guidelines established by the FVP and the district.  Even though the proposals and applications are submitted to TRF, the district has final approval of DDF funds requested.

Make a copy of the Rotary Foundation on-line proposal or application and email it to the District Grants Committee. Proposals and applications will be accepted for review throughout the year on a first come first serve basis. However, submitting by April 1 will allow for better DDF planning and allocations for the forthcoming program year(s).

The completed proposal and/or application for a Global Grant will be reviewed by the District Grants Committee. The District Grants Committee will submit recommendations to the program year District Governor and District Foundation Chair for final approval.


• Adherence to the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation Global Grants.
• Qualification of proposing club by the district
• Number of Cooperating Clubs (Cooperating Clubs are those from District 6690 or other districts that contribute funds, personnel or other assets to the project)
• Previous experience of the Host Country Club with Global Grants (The ‘Host Country Club’ is the club in the country (Host Country) in which the project will be conducted and will be the partner with the District 6690 club(s) on the Grant project.)
• Proportion of Club and outside funds that will be contributed to the project in relation to the amount of District Designated Funds requested.
• Extent of support by non-Rotary cooperating organization partners.
• Impact on the community
• Focused planning ensuring success.
• History of per member average giving to the Annual Programs Fund and the Foundation by proposing club.
• Promotion of Rotary awareness globally.


• Clubs must be compliant on Rotary International dues, District 6690 dues and any other financial obligations outstanding.
• Clubs must be current on all Global Grant reports.
• Minimum overall project size is $30,000
• Minimum contribution by the District 6690 Sponsoring Club and Cooperating Club(s) is $5,000
• Minimum contribution by the Host Country Club on the Global Grant is $100
• Proposal and Application must follow all FVP requirements and timelines.
• Club Qualification Plan and Memorandum of Understanding must be current.
• All Global Grants requests can only be submitted through the online process accessed by RI Member Access web portal.
• Guidance from District Grants Committee Chair prior to submitting Global Grant proposal is highly recommended.
• To insure DDF availability, club must send a copy of the Global Grant Proposal to the District Grant Committee Chair PRIOR to submitting to TRF.
• Please note that the Host Country Club and their Host Country District must both be qualified as stated under the FVP and corresponding MOU.



RI requires that a Club be trained annually to qualify for grant money. The requirement is one person from the Club for District Grants and two for Global grants. The training is hosted on the RI website within the Learning Center.

The link to the page for the District 6690 District Grant Learning Plan (2 parts).  Sign into MyRotary first, then click HERE.

This training will need to be completed by April 1st for grants that will be submitted for the 2023-24 Rotary year.