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Rotary is your trusted network of business professionals and community leaders engaged in fellowship and Service Above Self activities within our communities both locally and around the world.


A Membership Note from Brent Rosenthal, PDG, ARC:

August is Membership Month in Rotary, but membership development and retention are our focus all year in District 6690. Members are Rotary’s most important asset. Individual Rotarians are what make Rotary the biggest, best and most effective service organization in the world. Most importantly, Rotarians are perhaps the greatest force for good in the world.  The world needs Rotary!  And Rotary always wants to increase our ranks to meet the ever increasing need for our service both at home and around the world.

Our membership theme in District 6690 is Our Members Are Our Customers. Simply put, that means we want our clubs to find out why members join Rotary and to provide members the experience they seek from membership.  For some it is service, locally or internationally. For some, working with youth (New Generations) in schools, Youth Exchange, scholarships, etc.  For some, it is networking (Vocational Service). And for some, social, furthering the great friendships we’ve made through Rotary. The point is, Rotary is a big tent, and Rotary service has many facets.   No matter who you are or what your passion, there is a place for you in Rotary and there is a need for you in Rotary!   And there is a place and a need for your friends and acquaintances in Rotary!

Membership growth depends on every Rotarian, but it isn’t complicated.  Invite someone you know to a meeting.   Then make sure they – and you – get actively engaged in your Club right away!  If your club doesn’t have a service or other project that you are interested in, go to your Club president and volunteer to start it up. Share your passions with others in the Club! Odds are you will find plenty of members who share your passion and will join in with you.

Membership growth requires whole club excellence, making clubs fun and responsive to members and their passions.  Members Are Our Customers asks Clubs to serve their members; it doesn’t ask members to serve outdated “traditions” which impede our mission and scare away members, especially potential younger members. So, yes, change is involved. Purposeful and well planned change is good – every living organism changes or dies! In a changing world, Rotary will adapt and become bigger and more effective.  And we will help make that change happen.

Rotary has added so much to my life and to yours as well. I’ve met amazing people, “ordinary people” who are extraordinary humanitarians.  With them, I’ve been involved in service projects that have improved lives of people who lacked the resources to help themselves.  Together we have helped make this world a little better place.  And I’ve gained a sense of purpose beyond my own selfish desires – all through Rotary.  So have you!  Why wouldn’t we want our friends to have that experience as well?  Why wouldn’t we all want Rotary to remain a strong and active force for good in the world!


Mollie Crooks
Membership Chair

Diane Conley
Club Extension Chair

The world is a
changing place;
we must be prepared
to change with it.
Paul P. Harris
Founder, Rotary International

My favorite thing about Rotary is that it’s an efficient use of my time. All at once, I’m creating new friendships, making new business contacts, learning how my community works, and participating in the world.