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District Virtual Training Assembly

Rotary Theme 2020-21

Via Zoom Teleconference

Saturday, June 13, 2020     9:00 – 11:00 am


Since we can not meet in person for the Annual District Training Assembly we will be conducting a virtual assembly with ‘rooms’ set aside for a variety of topics. We encourage all club leadership, club committee chairs and Rotarians interested in knowing more about Rotary to participate. So please register now (prior to June 8) for this free opportunity. Though I regret we can not enjoy the in person fellowship that occurs during Assembly, we will have discussion time in our sessions so you can get to know others in the District. This will undoubtedly be the most convenient Assembly we have ever been able to hold.


  • Membership – presented by Jenny Stotts, DMC
    • Attracting New Members and Engaging Current Members during the time of COVID-19, Flexible Club Models, and other Membership Information.
  • The Rotary Foundation – presented by Larry Jenkins, DRFC-elect
    • Maintaining Strong Annual Fund and PolioPlus giving through the use of Rotary Direct, the 125 Club, and the Paul Harris Society. Also, consider including The Rotary Foundation in your member’s estate plan through the Bequest Society.
  • Public Image – presented by Dave Ungar DPIC-elect
    • How to Increase RI Brand Awareness through social media, professional networks, and traditional media; show the connection between who we say we are and our service projects; Show our impact in words and videos; how to create a simple Public Image tool box for your Club.
  • Youth Services – presented by Roe Mauro, DNGC
    • What are all the Youth Services that Rotary offers and how can your Club participate in those youth services in which they are not currently involved.
  • Interact – presented by Claudia Trusty, Interact Chair
    • A discussion of all the projects in which District Interact Clubs are involved and what are ways to improve the fulfillment of the Interactors in any individual Interact Club.
  • Rotaract – presented by Michele Duffill and Stacy Wood, Rotaract Co-Chairs
    • Discuss Current Projects and Issues of all the current District Rotaract programs and how to start a Community-based Rotaract Club
  • Club Secretary and Administration – presented by Fran Veverka, DES
    • Covering basic Club secretarial duties and working with DACdb and MyRotary.
  • Club Board Administration – presented by Price Finley, DGND
    • A discussion of issues that Rotary Club Members confront, what are the attributes of a good Club Board, and techniques for improving the functioning of your Club Board.
  • Presidents-Elect and Presidents-Nominee – presented by DGE Steve Heiser and DGN Maryjane Schakelford
    • Final Preparation for your year as President plus what the new PNs should be doing as PEs to prepare for their year as President.
  • Leadership Development – presented by Dana Vogelmeier, District Trainer
    • What does it mean to be a leader in a volunteer service organization? How will being a leader in your Rotary Club prepare you for leading others in any setting?
  • Fundraising – presented by Pat Knott
    • A discussion of fundraisers in our District, how certain District fundraisers became wildly successful, and how your Club fundraiser can become more successful (or should you be trying to find another fundraising idea).
  • Fellowship – presented by PDG Craig Maxey
    • Rotary is Fellowship and Service. How do the 2 tie together, how does great Club fellowship lead to a stronger Club?
  • Peace Building – presented by Tom Carlisi, Peace Chair
    • Peace Builder Clubs are sprouting up within our District. What does it mean to be a Peace Builder Club? How does a Club become one?



Public Image

Youth Services



Club Secretary and Administration

Club Board Administration

Presidents-Elect and Presidents-Nominee

Leadership Development



Peace Building